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Israelites and Jews the significant difference by Cohane Michael Ben Levi

This is a very good book which explores the difference between biblical descendants of Yacoub (as) and the rabbinical Jews who follow the religion of Judaism. The author is Cohane Michael Ben Levi who goes in to great depth historically to unpack the link the African Disapora in the Americas and the west have with their true history and how others have created whole cultures based upon our history and way of  life. The book really focuses on Israelite history rather than delegitimising anyone else’s claim which is a better approach. There is discussion of the differences in understanding and the implications of those differences but it does so in a respectful way. The author suggests the advantages of reconnecting to our real history and culture and the benefits it brings in this day and age. This is an essential read for the Hebrew serious about their history.


The Hebrew Heritage of Black Africa

By Steven Jacobs and Moses Farrar

This amazing book calls on years of research by different authors in the field of history, archaeology and anthropology. Its central theme is to establish a link between the peoples of the African Diaspora, Africa and ancient Israel. The book looks at the customs and the language of these people in fine detail and demonstrates their shared culture and customs including language. The authors argue that such similarities could not be just a matter of chance as some detractors have tried to assert but that the authors suggest similarities are indicators of lineal descent.

This book comes well recommended.