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The Banu Israel Muslim community must strive to change its relationship with food as an integral component of spiritual change. As Muslims today we use food like a narcotic which is used to destroy ourselves. Here we discuss the benefits of treating food as a spiritual exercise.

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Circumcision is a delicate issue but for the Children of Israel it is more than just halal and haram or sunnah, it is a matter of covenant.

Does Muslim mean Arab? Hebrew Names are Muslim because these were the names of our forefathers, the Prophets.

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Convert or revert? No thanks that’s another religion! In Islam these were never categories given to the Muslims; so, why are they used now?

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A part of deprogramming our minds is to see and understand history and the authentic literature through our own eyes rather than through the prism of other cultures. This amazing website is a priceless tool and resource for the Children of Israel Muslim who wants to understand that he might have been taught the seera in the hue of those who taught him rather than in the historically accurate terms.

Supporting each other and self love are linked in a very direct way. If you hate yourself you will not support others that look like you and find any excuse to support others who do not look like you. It’s that simple.

Can Muslims (Hebrew or non-Hebrew) eat the meat of Christians

There is much controversy concerning the meat of Christians but the Quran is very clear about its position on their meat. The confusion rests only in the interpretation and understanding of who are the people who were given the book.

Is the Atlantic slavery mentioned in the Quran?