Zakat & Sadaqa



It should be an essential part of a person’s life to give charity to those who need it. It is an integral part of Alasbaat’s ethos to give charity to those less fortunate than ourselves. There are many programmes which Alasbaat have which delivers sadaqa to those in need such as the homeless or those who need food in an emergency situation. We would encourage people to support them by giving to Alasbaat who will then distribute either money or other items to the needy.

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We also help those who do not have a family to care for themselves because they are the only believer within the family. In this situation burial may be an issue or even just the support one would need to take care of their affairs in such a delicate time.

Giving food and clothes to the poor or homeless is just a few ways we can help alleviate the suffering of those who find themselves in such situations but help can come in many different forms. Donating through Alasbaat is one way of making sure that those that need receive. We take nothing from the donation and pass on 100% of the gift. Also, if the donation is for a specific purpose we can also do that too.

Sadaqa can also come in the form of paying or sponsoring Hebrew education for adults or children it is not restricted to gifts of food or clothes.

If you wish to donate or give your Sadaqa or Zakat then please  contact Gareeb at or