Takeover of Hebrew Africa

Our home is being burgled and robbed but we are happy as long as we can stay in the betting shop!

One of the greatest deceptions to have been perpetrated upon our people in any time in history is the stealing of our true identity. But, many will argue that we are not this or not that claiming we are something else. But, there is a fraud and robbery that is taking place right now which should concern all of us regardless of who you think we are because it is happening to our continent as we speak.

We have been conditioned as Bantu/Africans in the diaspora not to see the continent of Africa as having anything to do with us, except for a historical source, because we were born or raised  or settled in lands far away and have now been socialised to see our present country as our home and nation. Despite the fact that you are almost certainly occupying the lowest socio-economic division in those countries and still excluded from the upper echelons of that society regardless of how long you have actually been there. Wherever you are it is not home and will never be home because as long as you have to fight for your rights in order to be equal with someone else then it is not your home. You do not have the right to exercise full autonomy to make that society in to that which reflects your values. Wherever you are if you are told the values in that place are ones you have to have but your ancestors are not the authors of those values and nor did they choose to follow them, rather than them being made a condition of your full participation in that society, then it is not your home. It is not your home if you have to ask another people for their permission in order to do what is in your best interests. We have to wake up!


We are Bantus/Africans regardless of wherever we are or which country we live in. We do have a home that is ours and we can exercise full autonomy over those lands but we have to wake up and realise that we are the real fruits of those lands. As we in the Diaspora have not looked towards Africa with a sense of ownership or belonging it leaves the rest of the world to plot and plan to steal what is our birthright without so much as a feeling that they should in any way seek our permission or offer us a fair price. We are too busy being British, American, Brazilian, West Indian, French and whatever other nationality that enslaved us during the beginning of colonisation.

Any country we are in will demand us to pledge allegiance to that country not for our benefit but for their benefit. As long as we remain mentally and culturally divided through allegiance to these plethora of different countries we will never see ourselves as one people with one aim and one destiny being able to mobilise political and economic will that could be used as power to force the corrupt short-sighted governments who rule over the colonial plantations called countries in Africa to behave in a way that is in the, long and short term, interests of our people. If we do not do something as soon as possible to prevent the corrupt governments back home in Africa from selling our birthright and wealth for a miserable price so they can line their pockets there will be no place on planet Earth that we can call home because they will have ownership of our lands and we will literally have nowhere on earth to call our own. America, Britain and France and other European nations who have sizeable Bantu populations within their borders benefit from us being in their borders and making us see ourselves as citizen of their countries because we will not unite together in the Diaspora and then leave for Africa. As long as we do not have this awakening we will not go back home and try and demand that the governments and the rulership change and actually do things in the interests of the Bantu people. And, as long as we are not doing that the corrupt Europeans and Americans will continue to control the greedy corrupt colonial lapdog-leaders in Africa to keep allowing them to plunder and exploit our birthright and take evermore control of the land.

The African leaders have traded one colonial slave master for another thinking they have got one up on the old slave master. Such blind and ill-thought-out behaviour is what has landed us in even greater trouble. The Chinese do not have the same value system as the Europeans do now and they have no problem nor do they care what the world thinks of them in pursuit of the number one position in the world. They now have their claws into Africa and will not leave until they have acquired the land and resources they need. They have already begun to move their military in to Africa to secure certain strategic and commercial interests which has prompted the Americans to also try to secure areas in Africa which will give them control over particular minerals needed by their commercial industries.

The shameful thing about this discourse is that we are nowhere to be seen nor do we factor in any of the considerations of the foreign powers neither at a military/governmental level nor commercial. Again we have learned nothing from the past five hundred years of colonial oppression. The world powers are feasting upon our birthright and wealth but we don’t seem, as a collective, to care that others are robbing us blind and not just us but our future generations. The matter is an emergency but we are fast asleep.

The Bantus who have remained on the continent are far too busy keeping alive the divide and rule that caused them to be weak during the colonial times. The European created states they left behind were in no way beneficial to us nor were they in our geopolitical interests. They were literally meant to divide us in order to make us weak so we could never challenge their power. But yet to this day we cling to our destruction and rejoice in our demise whenever we celebrate and revel in the nationalism the slave master left for us. Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and all the other European creations that exist in the continent of Africa  are simply plantations upon which we live. Those plantation states exist in the minds of the people that are enslaved by them and demonstrate the level to which we are still mentally enslaved by the Europeans because we haven’t even thought about moving to recreate our existence in a form that reflects our geopolitical and commercial interests and world advantage.  We are still enslaved on the continent and mentally conditioned into believing that the borders, flags and national anthems  that they allowed us to have are in any way something to take pride in. If every day men come in to my home and raped my wife, mother and children, there can be absolutely no pride or sense of self in me naming the rooms in which the individuals were raped after the victims and then celebrating them. But, this is what we do back on the continent. When will we wake up from this zombie-like state which perpetuates our continued degradation and subjugation. The level of self-hatred is so total that we actually still strive to imitate our enemies almost to the point of bleaching our skin.

Our self hatred is so amazingly devastating that we admire the Europeans so much we want to kill ourselves to get to Europe imitate them in their clothes, luxuries and lifestyle but not imitate them in the things that would actually benefit and advance our geopolitical power. Therefore our love for the European is one that places him on a pedestal rather than seeing him as a blueprint to imitate, to place us in his position globally. The mindset that can maintain this type of cognitive dissonance in self-hatred is one that has been taught that they cannot save themselves but needs a saviour, who does not look like them, to change their situation. This damaging theology/philosophy has poisoned our minds so completely we cannot see just how sick we really are.

Europeans have created for themselves unions in everything they do regardless of the fact that they may not agree with everything the others may believe politically. But, they understand that them sticking together is paramount to their safety in the world and their ability to push their collective interests in the world. They are so used to doing things in the collective that when one of the group breaks away it sends them into turmoil such as a Britain leaving the European Union. The Bantu people are the same people who have been spread out over many countries and continents but that fact should not be a reason for us not to work in union with each other. Our first priority must be to work towards educating our people to see each other as the same with the same interests despite our various languages and modern histories. This must be done to create a mental and spiritual union which will then foster the goodwill needed for us to want to work together. On the continent we must make plans to eradicate borders and states that reflect European dominance and hegemony over us. As the Europeans have military and political unions which they hold dear we must also forge unions of our people in both those spheres as well as others.

The Bantu people are one and as one nation, or one people, we could create a block that would be powerful enough to push our will and have self determination. These European created states were not made for our benefit but to keep us divided to maintain our weakness and their dominance over us. It has made us so weak that China who is pretending to be the friend of the Bantu people by giving us little trinkets of building projects has utilised the same divisions to barter and play each of the states off against each other in order to gain even more favourable terms of securing our resources. The countries being scared not to miss out on the Chinese magic being doled out. This forces the greedy governments to up the offer to the Chinese thereby bidding against other countries for Chinese help. The Chinese have used the old colonial system left on the continent to their advantage.  If we were one political entity this mess could have been avoided.