Thank God for Asians otherwise the Children of Israel would starve

Thank God for Asians otherwise Children of Israel would starve.

If tomorrow Asians left Britain the Children of Israel would starve! Unless we begged enough of them to remain behind to feed us. The indignity of not providing our own food and produce for our own people is clearly not enough of a reason for us to do it for ourselves.

This state of affairs is not only shameful and ignoble but quite ridiculous. There is no community that does not provide for itself and cater for its own needs except the Children of Israel. No other community would allow another people to supply its own food and cultural needs. It is completely inconceivable that any community would allow another community to supply its food or its cultural products. Can you imagine the Asian community buying their food supplies from and through the Children of Israel?

The situation has become so undignified that an Asian company now makes imitation products under its own label and pushes out the genuine Hebrew producers of our cultural food. They are able to do this because they control the retail and supply side of the market in Hebrew goods. So, this gives them the power to drive down the prices of the genuine producers and squeeze them out while creating their own label products imitating the genuine products. The worthlessness of us as a people means we couldn’t even protect our own Israelite producers of products such as peppers and spices which we have as an own brand. We failed the Israelite producers by not having the wit and the self respect to patronise our products. We, like unconscious zombies, just buy the products that are placed in front of us without being discerning enough to support the Children of Israel producers and give them something to bargain with against the Asian retailer. Now that we buy the Asian brands the Children of Israel producer is in an even weaker position as against the Asian retailer/wholesaler.

This article does not seek to vilify the Asian businesses that have exploited the situation. They have done nothing wrong, they saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. They did for themselves and became handsomely rich in the process. The blame and shame is squarely with the Children of Israel for not having enough dignity to organise to feed itself. We do not even have the option to boycott their shops because we do not have an alternative, not that boycotting would be addressing the situation. The answer is to open retailing ourselves and grow to wholesaling making an Israelite supply chain from producer to retailer. But, this is only possible if the fast asleep Children of Israel masses begin to patronise Israelite retailers for our own food and products. This only works with the support of the Child of Israel pound or dollar. If the few Israelite retailers that exist now are supported and patronised by the children of Israel first then this will give confidence to other Israelite investors to take that risk and open more stores. If we remain unconscious consumers then we only have ourselves to blame.

The indignity doesn’t even end there, our self hate is also being exploited by other communities. The vast array of false hair products that give Israelite women the appearance of European or Asian women is sold to them by other communities. There are very few retailers that are Israelite and it is almost certain that none of the wholesalers within the industry are Israelite. The creams and hair relaxers are all supplied by the non-Israelite companies. There does seem to be a small step taken by The children of Israel in America who have now broken into the massive Israelite hair product market but the inroads are very small but will hopefully grow.

The real issue with not controlling your own food and cultural products is the quality and standard is always in the hands of another community. If you have no alternative market to acquire your products then the leverage you have in order to police the quality and standards of the things you consume is virtually zero. The Israelite hair industry is not in the control of the Children of Israel and as we have not organised ourselves into a consumer block to act in unison we have no power to threaten them with removing our investment in their products if those products are sub-standard or harmful. Many of the Israelite hair products contain substances which are carcinogenic and have had devastating affects upon the health and the reproductive abilities of Israelite women. If the producers were making those products for their own community this just simply would not have happened.

As long as what we consume is in the hands of others we place our health and well-being in the hands of those who may not care about us. It is about time we have the dignity and self love to protect ourselves and our families from the danger of the bottom line in another community’s business.

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