Equality: The Opium of the Black Masses

Memory loss, slurred speech, stupor, drowsiness and confusion all symptoms suffered by the Hebrew people everywhere in the world. These symptoms describe in quite accurate detail the condition that is being suffered by Hebrews regardless of whether they are in the diaspora or on the continent of Africa-Arabia.

We have become addicts to the drug that promises heaven but always ends up in the same hell, yet, like people fully possessed and deluded of reality, we keep chasing this elusive dragon. Our continued obsession with begging for equality and trying to achieve it has warped and twisted our minds to the extent that we no longer understand that begging for equality has robbed us of our true destiny, to be fully self-sufficient and masters of our own destiny,  sovereign and free of all outside influences and foreign interests.

We seemed to have missed the obvious that we are the only racial group begging for equality while the other groups understand that doing so is like praying for an opposing army to give up their military advantage in the midst of a war. The fact that your enemy is offering you the destination of equality means that they are doing this as a tactic of deception, so you do not arrive at another destination he fears you will reach. Equality is the distraction that is keeping you busy so that you do not reach for the goal he desperately doesn’t want you to start working for and achieve. That goal is self-sufficiency and self-determination which excludes his interests. Other peoples are in differing stages of self-sufficiency or working towards that goal and they are not interested in equality. They see equality as trying to be subservient to a people who have their own interests as heart. Other people do not care about being equal but they are concerned with establishing their own economy and social institutions.

The deception of equality can only reveal itself once the realities are examined. If equality means the same then equality cannot be achieved until everything is the same. In the case of the Diaspora, the Hebrews living in the countries of Europe and America can only be equal to the Europeans when they have the systemic benefits, advantages and freedoms afforded to the European dominant culture.

 Living in Britain that would mean the state and its institutions would be pursuing policies that would seek Hebrew-African economic and political empowerment globally as they do white-European supremacy on the planet. The government in Britain does not do this and rightfully so because it is not a blind altruistic institution but a government for the ethnic indigenous people of Britain. The British government represents their best interests and has never given any mixed messages about where its interests and loyalties lay. The best interests of the indigenous British people are in the success of other populations who share their interests and supremacy. This is only natural and not evil or wrong in anyway. The success of my tribe is my success because there is safety in numbers. In the worst-case scenario those who share a common history and origin are more likely to come together when things are difficult in order to project strength. It is only the blind who do not see this reality of the European governments. So, inherently, the British or American governments are set up to benefit one type of person internationally and domestically.

Equality in any true meaning of the word would mean that the government would be working for the Hebrew in the same way it would be the indigenous ethnic British population which is practically impossible. The systemic values of the country are designed to benefit one demographic. The fact that the government has laws that expressly states that no one can discriminate based upon race and  sex domestically does not conflict with the government’s role in securing the best economic and political situation for its population in the world. Nominal equality stated within a population’s laws prevents accusations that the government or the society is fundamentally unfair but it does not address the systemic, inherent inequalities.

Every institution in the country represents and bears the image of the indigenous population from universities, industries, politics and medicine. Those institutions were built and produced by them and the esteem that carries cannot to be transferred. This advantage can’t be equalised. When a Hebrew child looks for their future career or vocation the institutions it sees do not reflect them in anyway. While an indigenous child will have the advantage of seeing their image reflected in every institution which gives him or her the esteem and confidence to achieve. They will inherently know that the culture of those institutions will also reflect their own. These advantages cannot be legislated away no matter how well drafted. But, why should the indigenous population want to give up their natural advantage within their own country, this would be counter intuitive. Any non-indigenous population that has done well within the system have done so despite the inherent disadvantages. The truth is that ethnic minorities that have done well all have virtually one thing in common, a very strong and robust sense of identity of their own which gives the esteem they need despite the natural identity of the institutions which do not reflect them. They call on a history and esteem which has its own currency and value that fuels their own self-image and drive to do well.

Non-Hebrew communities do face discrimination and prejudice but this has less impact on their outcomes because they are able to create their own social and commercial systems that will shield them and their children from having to go outside of their communities for the resources they need. The impetus to require equality within someone else’s community is removed because they have their own.

The Non-Hebrew immigrants who came to Europe or who went to America did so for mainly economic reasons. They never looked up to Europeans in a culturally idealistic way. They never felt the need to infuse themselves into the European population nor assimilate, this was not a priority for them they simply wanted access to the economy. They wanted to enrich themselves in order to live their own lives, it was never to become Europeans. So, they were not interested in equality in the cultural sense but rather just access to the market and the tools that give access to that market such as education and professional bodies. Once they had access to those things they were not worried about the other cultural institutions as they would create their own. The only exception would be institutions such as the health care systems which are too big to be generated by a separate community.This very different perspective to the Hebrew experience means that Non-Hebrew communities do not seek cultural equality because it has no value to them. They will make their own economies, communities and businesses which negates the need to seek equality.

The Hebrew people must stop being distracted by equality and reach for that which is better and that is autonomy and sovereignty. Instead of trying to be equal why do we not want to build our own. The mind that sees its ultimate goal as achieving token equality is a mind infected with systemic subserviency. It’s a mind that sees its place as only being within the paradigm and system of another people rather than building its own system and community. The conditioning of years of not having anything for one’s self and only receiving things at the will of the slave master/coloniser has created a completely dependent psychology. This mindset is the slave mindset in the modern context it does not understand the concept of building for itself its own institutions whether commercial or communal. Just as the slave would not dare to think of doing anything that would not benefit the slave master/coloniser. The slave would see the position of the slave master as the highest social position and being notionally equal with him was the ultimate symbol of social elevation.When in fact it was nothing of the sort because the slave had been robbed of so much more than just the ability to eat and dress like his own ancestors, he also lost independence of thought, self-determination and the ability to advance his own concept without apologising for it to anyone.

It is the same mind that is quick to give wholehearted support to another community and invest their money and time because it simply cannot understand doing anything for itself.

Until this slave mindset is broken it will hold to ransom the people who possess it and they will never be able to exercise any choice in their own destiny.

Seeking equality and seeking justice is not the same, they may appear the same but the function of both is distinct. Equality seeks to create parity with all differences theoretically removed while justice seeks fairness with an appreciation of difference and quality. Equality isn’t a principle in a vacuum that should be applied regardless of the realities and circumstances. To do so would be to throw up unintended consequences that would disadvantage others. Justice must always be present and is a principle that should be maintained in every circumstance and there are never any negative consequences. Equality is a tool that justice will demand in particular situations but equality should never be elevated to a principle that should be imposed in every matter.

The Hebrew Diaspora must become aware of the price they pay for seeking equality in a non-Hebrew context rather than seeking to empower themselves through their own unity and self-investment. Creating their own institutions nationally and international in their own image and culture driving their own esteem. Healthy equality looks like not begging for crumbs underneath the slave master’s table but building your own table where others have to wait patiently underneath your table. When the Hebrew nations join forces and create a united trading and economic block and political power base which is exclusive and completely self-interested and unapologetic then this will be the only equality we should seek.

The Diaspora Hebrew should build their own cultural institutions self-funded alongside the economic power base which gives them the independence that will mean we are less vulnerable. Our children and young adults would have jobs created by the community so that they can find esteem in their image rather than having to adapt their appearance to find a job within other communities. The very fact that our youth have shaped their physical appearance to adapt to the economic reality is itself an indicator of our powerlessness and vulnerable status. We must seek justice for everyone, including ourselves but, not equality. It is a myth and an illusion that handicaps us and holds us back. We have to develop our sense of independence and dignity that will drive the rebirth of our people in our own image.

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  1. السلام عليكم

    Great article. Thank you. I agree with your conclusion and consider verses 2:45 and 10:87 (Quran) pertinent.

    Additionally, I deem that the sense of loss suffered within our community is the cause of seeking equality. Where such loss stems from the colonial usurpation of our stake in the West. Our history here is long. Longer than the Colonisers and their new world civilisation. We are not foreigners. We inherited lands in the East and the West (Quran 7:137) before suffering the colonial aggression (27:34).

    To expand, the topic of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade needs heavy revision. It was a war and we were already here; running/building/executing local and International economies, governments and institutions etc. They came to us. We were not brought here but came here in numbers because we’ve been navigating the seas for 1000s of years, carrying inheritance and ancestral knowledge. It was a Conquest issued by the then Pope from around 1493 (their calandar). A take over still felt and in effect.

    Our situation/fate today is no coincidence. Yet, our future is born of and is bourne by our present will and action. We did not loose that much at least. الحمد لله.

    In summary, equality will follow Justice – but we do not live in the past (2:141). We have all the talents and skills, just not the orientation and commitment. Which takes us back to verses 2:45 and 10:87.

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